Were you there?

Well I’m guessing we all survived the cataclysmic events of last Saturdays rapture, however as I predicted on Twitter there would be another one along shortly! Apparently the end of the world has been postponed to October. I understand that last-minute organisation, the fact that nobody was instructed to bring the acid vats for the judgement and leaves on the line were to blame.

In the meantime I will be on Psychic first on Sky 885 this evening from 6pm. It will be a bit of a final judgement in its own right as it will be my last shift for a few weeks, so call into the show if you want a reading.

In light of the recent news events it seems fitting that today is international towel day. After mass hysteria has proved that it can potentially be very damaging to people and their lives, ( I noted how many of Campings followers had quit their jobs and donated all their money to his cause) It can also be fun if handled correctly. I was amused by the amount of photos of piles of clothes in the street suggesting that people were “raptured” in unlikely situations.

So today on May 25th many people will be wearing lilac, Why? If you were there you don’t need to ask!

However if you were not there read Terry Pratchetts Night watch and you will understand.

Some cults, for want of a better word, are quite harmless and know how to laugh at themselves. they can create a sense of belonging without being over committed to their cause. By surrounding yourself with like-minded people you find people who value your values and respect your opinions. At the same time they will challenge your beliefs and cause you to have a better sence of identity.

There is no harm in wearing lilac on may 25th or knowing where your towel is as these things have their basis in fiction and most of the days followers are aware of that.

the danger comes in when the Cult’s perception of reality becomes distorted.

Join a cult by all means, enjoy the experience, whether it is based in spirituality or you enjoy donning a star trek uniform and meeting friends at conventions. Do it and remember to laugh at yourself and keep your feet on the ground.

And most of all, Don’t Panic!

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