Planning a barbie?

One of the best parts of what I do is seeing the looks on peoples faces when they see something truly miraculous happen in front of their eyes, or in their hands and there can be absolutely no question that what they have experienced is genuine.
I met some very good friends over the recent bank holiday and the subject of stopping ones heart came up, like it does!
It was very satisfying to have my friend check my pulse and the look on his face when I stopped it was priceless!
My point is that psychic ability doesn’t have to be confined to the psychic reading, & for many years I have entertained wedding guests, party goers and revellers with my demonstrations of ESP, PK and elemental control.
At a party I stroll from group to group braking the ice and creating an unusual ambience that will make your event a talking point for years to come.
I can work indoors or outside in the right conditions, and finish the event doing quick readings!
At this time of year weddings and barbecues seem to be the most popular events. I can also do after dinner demonstrations and parties.
If any of this is of interest to you contact me for a quote you may be pleasantly surprised.
You can email me at

I will be available for readings on psychic first this week on Thursday June 2nd from 6pm.

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