What is a Psychic Entertainer?

A Happy new year to everyone who follows me! I have been negligent in updating this blog recently, mainly due to the heavy workload I always take on at the end of the year, however one of my new years resolutions is to post more and write more!

One of the things I always seem to have difficulty with, especially when approaching prospective clients is defining what it is I do.

In the past I have been booked as a magician only to find that the people booking me have assumed “magician” means children’s entertainer! I have also used the title “Mentalist” to describe what I do, however popular culture has given that title a different meaning in recent years leading to people believing I’m crimally insane, (I might be, but that’s another story!)

I now use the term “Psychic Entertainer”, and that pretty much sums me up- I use my psychic abilities to entertain! However a lot of the time people just don’t understand, mainly because the title isn’t heavily used.

Many of you have seen my work on psychic TV shows like “Psychic and Soul” or “Psychic First”, but that is really representative of a small portion of what I do.

A psychic entertainer can do readings, and over the years I have worked on Phone lines, done email readings and had tables at psychic events.  But I have also done readings in corporate environments, private parties and weddings where the atmosphere is very different.

The people who come to these events do not go specifically for a tarot reading, in fact nothing could be further from their mind! However I always seem to have a long queue and frequently prove to be the most popular attraction even though the readings are just quick five minute general readings.

The people that come to me at these events would not normally consider booking a psychic reading, have various levels of healthy scepticism and are frequently amazed at what I can see in them!

I am also hired for Dinners, and Wedding receptions to mingle with the crowd and demonstrate my abilities on a one to one basis. I will ask someone to think of a word and associate it with a personal experience, then I will reveal what I am getting from them before invariably discovering the word. I will make short term predictions about the spectators choices and actions over a 5 minute period and I will show them how they can tap into their own psychic potential and develop these experiences for themselves.

In December I was invited to do a couple of stage presentations of these abilities and I must admit I was a little unsure how they would be received, as I’m used to working in an intimate environment and making the experience a personal journey for the individual concerned. However I found these shows proved successful and enjoyable to do as well!

A Psychic Entertainer is not just someone who does in-depth readings, Is not a Medium, (At least not in my case) or a mysterious stranger in a tent saying “Cross my palm with silver!”

A Psychic Entertainer is not a magician, but what they do is magical!

A Psychic Entertainer takes what they can do and makes it entertaining to watch, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere in an otherwise formal environment.

I am currently taking bookings for the spring, and will be happy to make your event both magical and entertaining!

All the best for 2012

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