Don’t panic!

“Just because it isn’t anything you think it could be doesn’t mean it is what you think it is!”

So far this year there has been an increase in reported unexplained phenomena. In the last month alone there have been reports of strange noises in the sky, UFO’s and just the other day there were reports of “Humming metal boxes” appearing on coastlines around the world.

Personally I love a mystery, I also like to approach a story with a certain degree of caution. The first video on this report asks the question “WHAT’S THIS OBJECT THAT SLOWLY FELL OUT OF THE SKY IN JAPAN?” To me, & I’d hope any rational mind it is a deflated weather balloon or a large plastic bag- although I’d loved to be proved wrong! We must be careful not to let our hopes get in the way of rational thought.

You would think that in this day and age, where most people in society at least in the developed world carry on their person digital cameras and video cameras in the form of mobile phones you would think that the quality of the sightings would get better but I am yet to see a piece of “UFO” footage that cannot be easily explained. Indeed as it becomes easier to fake these things with CGI software making its way into home computers it becomes even less likely that we will ever see something that can truly be classed as authentic.

A few weeks ago, Stuart, one of our producers at Psychic World TV brought my attention to this video of an unexplained object in Russia. Whereas I was cautious and attempted to explain it using traditional explainations, (Vasselene on camera, filming Jupiter, Venus or even the moon, Camera man moving so as to create the illusion of movement…) I didn’t feel that any of them fully fitted. Could it be that at last somebody had captured a “Real” UFO?

The short answer is of course yes. It is an Unidentified Flying Object! People are too quick to associate UFO with Alien space craft! It was an unidentified object that was flying, or in this case falling.

A few days after that video came out a follow up video was released with a full explanation of what it actually was. Of course an Exploding Soyuz Rocket is not something you see every day so is it any wonder that so many people were fooled?

With the “End of the world” fast approaching this December I am not surprised that people are seeing more in things that are actually quite terrestrial. However if we allow ourselves to be fooled so easily we may miss something that is truly miraculous.

If we eliminate the impossible first we are more likely to discover the truth. The question is, how do we decide what is impossible?

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  1. do they still use balloons to get data…

    • I don’t know about official organizations, but amateurs and hobbyists certainly do.

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