Why Book A Psychic Entertainer?

Summer is upon us and as the days get warmer conversation turns towards the big events over the months ahead.

You could be getting married, organizing a charity event or merely having friends round to a barbecue. What could you do to stand out from the crowd?

Where entertainment is concerned psychic performers are probably not the first thing that would spring to mind, and yet we can fast become the star attraction at any event, sometimes at a fraction of the cost of  bands, singers or disco’s.

Here are in my humble opinion, five of the top reasons why having a psychic performer at your event will have people talking about it months, even years after the event.

5) Space filling

You know that spot at the wedding where your guests have had their reception lunch, the photo’s have been taken and everybody is waiting around for the evening do? They can talk to one another about work, life and death or slowly get more inebriated at the bar and  make total clowns of themselves at the disco. Or maybe they can discuss how a total stranger was able to tell them  the job they did when they were 15 by reading their mind, and how they are going to have to change their pin number on Monday as this guy now has it…

Maybe the meal isn’t quite ready on time, a psychic performer is able to step in at a moments notice to distract the guests enough to make the whole evening appear flawless. Failing that he’ll hypnotise them into forgetting the time!

4) Ice Breaking

It was a lovely wedding! The bride was radiant in her beautiful dress of white with gold trimmings and the groom as ever handsome feeling like he had won the lottery. The reception however was a quiet affair, probably not helped by the fact that her family supported Millwall and His supported West Ham!

A psychic entertainer can help people to forget their differences, if only for a short while!

3) Versatile 

Whereas a Band or DJ can only be at a fixed point at a fixed time, your psychic performer can be in any place at any time. Whether it’s bending the cutlery at the table to using mind control on the venue staff so they don’t chuck him out when he bends their finest silverware, he can adapt to fit the moment.

Also there is a wide range to the things he can do, from mingling with the crowd duplicating drawings or picking up a word transmitted only through your guests thoughts to doing private one to one readings at the end of the evening, there is something for everyone.

2) Unique

How many people can walk away from a wedding saying their lives have been changed forever? Okay the bride & groom but who else? A psychic entertainer has the means to interact with the audience on a deep and personal level. They do not undermine peoples belief but enhance it, and give your guests a memorable experience that will open their minds to new and exciting possibilities about their own lives.

1) We are Entertainers!

At the heart of it, when I perform I consider it my job to make sure that everyone I work with leaves me feeling better about themselves. What I do is fast, to the point, entertaining and fun. The things I do happen right in front of the audiences eyes and are often different for each person. There is astonishment, and bewilderment but there is also laughter and enjoyment!

So there you are, A good Psychic entertainer will be all of the above, and make your event an incredible once in a lifetime experience.

This article was written in a dodgy american used car salesman voice!

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