The Mystery of the Orbs

I have never been a fan of “Orb” pictures. there are too many possible explanations for them that would often be more plausible than supernatural intervention.

For those that don’t know, “Orb” pictures are often taken at ghost hunts and show pinpoints of white light where there was none a few seconds earlier.

Mysterious Blue Orbs
Picture Copyright Sallie Harding

All too often they can be explained away by dust or moisture catching on the camera flash or some other source of light. They are incredibly easy to fake. Try taking a picture outside in a rain shower with your flash on to see what I mean.

However I was sent this picture recently by a participant of our recent ghost hunt at the Hind hotel in Wellingborough and it has me intrigued.

It was taken as we were using the ghost box and the bright lights you can see are candles that were on the table.  However it is the pinpricks of blue light by 3 of the candles that are interesting. the picture was taken without any flash.

Now I’m no photography expert, but my first hunch was that it could be some kind of reflection of the candles on the camera lens. however if that is the case why did it show up as blue? And why is there only an orb on 3 of the five candles pictured?

I always try to eliminate the impossible before I draw conclusions, so I’m opening this one up to you! What do you think?

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