10 great Halloween Freebies!

The Spook season is well and truly here, and over the next few weeks the nights will get that little bit darker as the veil between this world and the next fades to almost complete transparency!

Some of us are lucky enough to live the Halloween experience all year round, in my case it is probably just as well I am passionate about the paranormal!

With that in mind, I thought I’d share with you some of my Favourite on-line Halloween freebies that are normally available throughout the year.

1) Free Kids activities

With half term coming up, and the autumn weather not always being agreeable, parents can now keep their little devils occupied with these fantastic Halloween activities! Whether making potions, or cutting out silhouettes to plaster on your nice clean windows, there’s plenty here to keep them occupied for a few minutes!

2) Halloween Fonts

If you are like me, you’ll spend ages designing that Halloween party invitation to give it just the right feel, worse still, you’ll try every font you can before settling on Times new Roman again because at least you can read it clearly!

This page is sure to contain the font you are looking for, whether you need it to look elegant and Gothic  or just splattered in blood, this page will have what you need!

3) Scary Music

Create the perfect ambience for that Halloween party with these Royalty free sound files. The site says the files are in the public domain, but always double check if you are thinking of using them for commercial purposes.

4) Spooky Screen Saver

I have actually had this screen saver on my PC for the last 3 Halloween seasons! 3D screen-savers like this normally come with a premium price tag, but this can be downloaded totally free! It includes music, sound effects, Though I have mine switched off, and also displays the time. Give it a go!

5) War of the Worlds 1938

No-one would have believed in the early decades of the 20th century that human beings would be totally taken in by a radio drama and believe it was true!

Nevertheless, this is the original “Fiction posing as reality”, and it had most of New York’s population heading for the hills!

You can listen to the original broadcast right here!

6) Halloween E-cards

Put yourself into a mini- movie with Jib-Jab & email the finished product to your friends! Last years offering was a little better IMHO when you had the opportunity to star in Night of the Living Dead, but having a go at the time warp is fun as well!

7)Prepare for the Zombie invasion!

To tell you the truth I have no idea how serious this is. It appears to be a US government campaign to encourage people to have an emergency disaster kit handy and be prepared, using a Zombie apocalypse as a frame. In any case, you can download and print posters, and read the comic while waiting for your inevitable death at the hands of flesh eating ghouls!

8) Horror Movies

This site allows you to watch full movies on line. Don’t expect the latest blockbusters here though it is a free site after all! However if you like dodgy special effects and cheesy acting you can lose yourself for hours here!

9) Ghost Stories

M.R. James is one of the best writers of ghost fiction in my humble opinion, and you can download his books in Kindle format right here! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a kindle either, as the apps for reading kindle books on I-phone and android devices are readily available, (Blackberry too if you know the right back door!) There is also a PC kindle app, so you can read them any time and any place!

10) Slender Game

If, like me, you have trouble finding scary movies really scary you could try immersing yourself into a video game. Slender is totally free to download and hits the right buttons for terror and suspense. This game will also introduce you to the slender-man mythos, possibly the next big thing in horror. With a little digging on the internet you will find yourself overwhelmed with the multi layered legend!

Honorary mention- nightmare house 2 

I really wanted to include this in my list, but  it’s technically not free, as you have to have an active steam account with “Half-life 2 episode 2” on it. However if you have them it is well worth a look. I spent an evening playing through it the other night and found myself totally immersed. The psychological jump moments are executed perfectly, and the final boss fight is challenging to say the least! This is so much more than a zombie shoot em up, expect the unexpected!

There are many more Halloween freebies about, but I’d be here all day! I may well link them over the next few weeks on my twitter account @Roblupine.

Follow me if you want to see them!

Also let me know if you have any Halloween freebies of your own in the comments section below, I may well tweet the best!

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