Coming soon…

We have a couple of events looming over the next couple of months, Tickets are selling already and places are limited to 20 people per event so book early to avoid disappointment!

As always, tickets are available on the website event page.


The Hind in Wellingborough has become a firm favourite in my list of venues. Although we have yet to capture any of the classic ghosts that have been reported in the past we have  seen consistent activity from a particular mischievous spirit over the last two hunts.

The activity has been consistent, and the same names always seem to crop up. The Hind has always been a fun and interesting location for my investigations.

The Hind has kindly agreed a 10% discount off the Bar meal menu or restaurant menu for would be ghost hunters eating before this investigation.
They are also offering a special bed and breakfast deal for attendees to this event of £20 per person, based on 2 people sharing, (£32.50 single).
You can book these through the hotel itself, once you have bought your tickets of course!

Full details and updates on the facebook page


The Falstaff experience in Stratford Upon Avon has the reputation of being the most haunted building in England, so I’m expecting great things for this event!

The evening will begin with a short History tour of the building, then its up a set of rickety stairs to the seance room, where we will conduct ghost box sessions, automatic writing experiments and more!

When I visited the venue to see about securing this event I found myself alone in the seance room for a short while and not only heard, but felt firm footsteps on the floorboards I was standing on, so while there are never any guarantees of activity, this venue has a head start!

Refreshments are available.

Check the facebook page for updates.

And finally…

I was invited to join the UK Haunted team on their investigation of Haughton House, in Bedfordshire recently. It proved to be one of the most active locations I have been to! You can see what happened in the video below, (It’s a long one, but worth it!) however let me just tell you some of the highlights:

Warm spots were felt in a cold environment.

Ghost box responses were relevant to the questions asked, (Albeit abusive & unpleasant)

EVP was recorded of doors slamming, (There are no doors)

We heard Gates that weren’t there slam.

We heard a woman’s voice say “Hello” when nobody was there.

The Ghost Box stopped scanning on request, twice.

My torch batteries were drained. Twice. My K2 meter batteries also drained.

I’m sure more happened that I am not remembering, so it’s probably better for you to discover it all for yourself! Check out the video!

See you next time!


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