Irchester Working Mens Club 20/7/2013- Investigation report

“Thanks for a great nite last nite some very good evidence on my first Ghost Hunt”

I knew that this venue was going to be active but I had no Idea just how active!

in a past investigation of the working mens club flat done privately a few months back we experienced footsteps in empty rooms and disorientation in certain team members. There was also rapping and good communications through the ghost box.

This time we were in the main building.

We started in the billiard room, probably the most active room in the house. After protection was laid down I called to any spirits present to interact with us and let themselves be known in any way possible. Almost straight away one of our more sceptical investigators began to feel unusually hot, (It was a hot evening, but a quick temperature check around him confirmed that area of the room was warmer then the ambient temperature.)

Next, barely a minute later, two of our guests in another part of the room felt pressure on their shoulders, as if someone was leaning between them to get a better look.

Then we noticed something more physical. The ceiling fan, which was turned off was moving in small, short jerks. The manager of the WMC confirmed that when it’s off it just doesn’t move like that, also if there was any power going through it, it would have swung in the opposite direction. This was very exciting as physical phenomena is quite rare at events of this nature, and it just proves you never know what you’ll get.

Moving on to the ghost box, we made contact with a spirit called “Andy” who was generally talkative, but didn’t give much more than yes/no/hello type responses. We were given a couple of other names as well, including “Neal” and “Wesley” both of which were names on a board of members in display at the main bar, we found out later.

A real highlight came during this section as “Andy” complained about the light, asking me to switch the torch off I was holding to illuminate the ghost box. I did this and put the torch on the table next to the box in the middle of the room. About 10 minutes later the torch switched on by itself! I asked the spirits to switch it off again and on once more, it complied both times! All this happened in the first hour and a half of the evening!

Next we went upstairs to one of the function rooms. I honestly didn’t expect to get much from this room, as if felt clinical and empty. However we heard rapping, knockings and footsteps where nobody was moving, and at one point we all clearly heard the emergency exit door catch rattle.

Using the Ouija board produced little movement in the glass, but several guests began to be affected with headaches, and at one point our psychic, Lynne Taylor had to leave quickly as she was having difficulty breathing! Lynne felt we had made contact with something unpleasant, so to be on the safe side we banished it.

A second attempt on the board later produced another interesting result. Looking at the reflection of the group around the Ouija board both myself and a guest counted seven people when there was in fact only six.

At midnight we moved into the main bar. Starting with the Ouija board, we were given the letters PAL. but nothing more. We couldn’t think of a name beginning with these letters, and so assumed he was just being friendly! However the manager informed us afterwards that the letters were actually the initials of a funeral directors that was on that site many years ago.

I then lead groups of four down into the cellar under the bar, were the ghost box produced the name “George”, apparently the staff nickname for the ghost there is also George, a fact I was unaware of at the beginning of the evening!

Finally we had a ghost box session in the main bar, and picked up lots of names of former club members- some who died recently! The staff of the club were on hand to validate each name, and even ask questions to confirm they were who they said they were. One staff member asked what music a certain member liked, and got a quick response of “Elvis” which happened to be the right answer!

All in all I feel that Irchester Working Mens Club is one of the best venues I have investigated to date, there was a strong flow of activity, and the spirits seemed to be happy to play with us and interact.

I want to give a big thank you to the club management for allowing me to hold the event, and hopefully we will be arranging another date there soon!


The Lamb Inn 22/6/13 Investigation report


This was the third investigation I hosted at the Lamb. It’s a nice little venue in a sleepy village just outside Wellingborough and it never fails to surprise me!

Despite advertising a “Light finger Buffet” Adam, the landlord treated us to a very filling meal of Sausage, Chips & two large plates of Sandwiches. There was so much food that there was leftovers at the end of the evening! A huge thank you to Adam for providing this off his own back!

Once everyone was fed and watered we got down to the investigation proper. As always, we began in the function room, that has seen a vast majority of the activity in my hunts. Although quiet to start we did get a significant amount of spikes on the K2 meter- although by the end there were so many hits on the K2 I began to suspect it was picking up something more terrestrial. I feel more investigation would be needed to verify this. Some of our more psychically inclined guests picked up a little girl who was setting off the meter, one person even got the name Sarah. Sarah has appeared on previous hunts, although this cannot count as scientific evidence as the details of that hunt are elsewhere in this blog.

We had a smashing ghost box session, with clear responses and defined personalities coming out. Although every investigation at the lamb draws out a different cast of characters. Maybe the Lamb is also a pub in the spirit world with many people going through. In any case the responses were very intelligent, one even commanded I sit down when I was standing up!

During the Ouija session I had a direct hit on the Trifield natural EM meter. Unlike the K2 this does not get set off by mobile phones or AC electricity. It will respond to the electrical field that humans will generate however, so it was fantastic to hear it spike when there was nothing nearby. It also coincided with one of the numerous K2 spikes, suggesting that something was passing through.

The Ouija itself made contact with an Italian soldier from WW2. Apparently there was an Italian POW camp in the area during the war. If this stands up historically it could prove interesting.

Although we did try some experiments in the main bar and secondary bar, we didn’t get much. I suspect this was not helped by the fact that a number of the Lambs clientele had chosen to remain after last orders and Make silly ghost noises as they communicated with a different kind of spirit. I will endeavour to try & ensure that this doesn’t happen in future events.

So all in all a very good evening was had. We got some interesting activity during the evening and I’m curious enough to go back again!

Our next investigation at the Lamb will be announced soon- watch this space!

Coming soon…

We have a couple of events looming over the next couple of months, Tickets are selling already and places are limited to 20 people per event so book early to avoid disappointment!

As always, tickets are available on the website event page.


The Hind in Wellingborough has become a firm favourite in my list of venues. Although we have yet to capture any of the classic ghosts that have been reported in the past we have  seen consistent activity from a particular mischievous spirit over the last two hunts.

The activity has been consistent, and the same names always seem to crop up. The Hind has always been a fun and interesting location for my investigations.

The Hind has kindly agreed a 10% discount off the Bar meal menu or restaurant menu for would be ghost hunters eating before this investigation.
They are also offering a special bed and breakfast deal for attendees to this event of £20 per person, based on 2 people sharing, (£32.50 single).
You can book these through the hotel itself, once you have bought your tickets of course!

Full details and updates on the facebook page


The Falstaff experience in Stratford Upon Avon has the reputation of being the most haunted building in England, so I’m expecting great things for this event!

The evening will begin with a short History tour of the building, then its up a set of rickety stairs to the seance room, where we will conduct ghost box sessions, automatic writing experiments and more!

When I visited the venue to see about securing this event I found myself alone in the seance room for a short while and not only heard, but felt firm footsteps on the floorboards I was standing on, so while there are never any guarantees of activity, this venue has a head start!

Refreshments are available.

Check the facebook page for updates.

And finally…

I was invited to join the UK Haunted team on their investigation of Haughton House, in Bedfordshire recently. It proved to be one of the most active locations I have been to! You can see what happened in the video below, (It’s a long one, but worth it!) however let me just tell you some of the highlights:

Warm spots were felt in a cold environment.

Ghost box responses were relevant to the questions asked, (Albeit abusive & unpleasant)

EVP was recorded of doors slamming, (There are no doors)

We heard Gates that weren’t there slam.

We heard a woman’s voice say “Hello” when nobody was there.

The Ghost Box stopped scanning on request, twice.

My torch batteries were drained. Twice. My K2 meter batteries also drained.

I’m sure more happened that I am not remembering, so it’s probably better for you to discover it all for yourself! Check out the video!

See you next time!

Coming up in 2013

A belated happy new year to you all!

After a very busy season between Halloween and Christmas it’s almost nice to come round to a quiet January, However I have been making time to plan events and goings on for the next 12 months and some of them are rather exciting!

Ghost Hunt

The first big event is the next evening of paranormal entertainment at the Lamb Inn, Little Harrowden. The last evening we investigated I was not expecting too much, having found very little history save a few tall stories from the locals.

It turned out, in fact, to be one of the most active venues last year! As well as picking up multiple personalities on the ghost box we had one of the most active Ouija Board sessions I have ever seen!

I’m going back next month to connect with the spirits once again, and you can join me! I put the tickets up for sale before Christmas, but didn’t expect much with so much else happening, so I’m amazed at the level of interest & ticket sales I have already received!

Tickets are £15 and can be bought on line here.


A lot of people have been contacting me for private readings in the last few months & I’m happy to say I have been quite busy lately in this field. Time & distance mean it’s not always possible to travel to accommodate everyone’s needs, however, and for those who just live too far away I am happy to offer an on-line reading service.

Currently I am offering 3 card readings, In-depth readings and Dream analysis via email. All readings are personally written for the individual, and on most occasions you will receive your reading within 24 hours of purchase.

To take advantage of this, go to the “readings” link on my website.

I am also doing monthly taster nights in Lucy’s Tea room in Desborough, Kettering. These evenings are very popular and always sell out fast.

Admission for the evening is £15, and you will get tea/coffee, cake and a quick 10 minute reading. The next evening is on January 26th, to secure your place call Lucy on 01536 762078

Other Stuff

I’m feeling quite honoured to have my true story, “The Grey lady of Whitby” featured on the “Spooky Isles” website. You can see it in all it’s glory here:

I’m also delighted to announce that one of the nations leading paranormal teams UK Haunted, have invited me to be part of their team for public events. I have already joined them in a couple of investigations, and they have attended some of mine, so it makes sence that we eventually would join forces! their YouTube channel is midway through their second season, featuring some incredible locations and amazing evidence. Check them out here:

Finally, I have started an online paper via the social media site. Basically it searches through a pool of sources I select and picks the best stories to feature each day. You can subscribe to the Lupinemagic Daily here:

See you next time!

The Hind Hotel, Welingborough 20/10/2012- Investigation report.

This was the second investigation into the Hind Hotel, You can read about the first one here, and this time there were certain things I was looking for to achieve validation for our findings. As it happened I was not disappointed!

Before I tell you our findings I need to stress that apart from myself & one other, nobody else had attended the previous investigation, nor had I told them of our findings from that occasion.

First of all the location proved a lot more active on this occasion, with the EMF meter spiking on the slightest movement someone made, something it failed to do last time even with people jumping up at it! Although we never got any movement when everyone was still it made me feel quietly confident for the night we had ahead of us.

After some initial invocations that produced very little of note, we moved on to a short pendulum session. I had the pendulum suspended in the glass from the beginning of the evening and there was a few points it would start swinging even though nobody was near it. When I asked the entity that was pushing it to make it go faster it stopped mid-swing as if somebody had grabbed it, something that happened last time we were at the hind.

The Ghost box once more proved to be the star of the show, and this time I asked control questions, That we all knew the answer to, to make sure the answers we were getting weren’t random, but clear responses. Simple questions like “How many fingers am I holding up?” Got immediate answers, most of the time correct! And even when they got the answer wrong and I asked them t try again they were insistent that they were right. (we got a determined, “I said- TWO” even though I was holding up four fingers!)

Questions like, “what am I holding in my hand” got less clear responses. It did correctly identify a ring, but wasn’t able to recognise a key for example.

Last time we were in the Cromwell suite we started conversing with an entity calling himself “Jim” on the ghost box.

The main characteristic about Jim was last time he wasn’t happy with us being there, and kept telling us to go. He also wouldn’t let us speak to anyone else, preferring all the attention on him!

Jim appeared again this time, and showed similar characteristics, although this time he seemed in a better mood and did humour us with a little light conversation!

One of the most frightening  points of the evening occurred when I switched on the Ghost box for the first time and got a very clear, yet inhuman , “Shut up!” emit from it. I asked the entity to repeat itself, and got the same phrase, in the same voice instantaneously. This did not sound like the usual contact the ghost box makes. Rather than being compiled of broadcast transmissions it sounded like it had been constructed from white noise, static and interference.  This was one of the strongest cases of E.V.P. I had heard to date, although once it had said it’s piece decided to amble off and make way for more polite beings!

The Ouija board produced no perceivable movement on this occasion. And like last time I asked the sitters to try physically pushing the planchette, and found they had difficulty doing so, as if something was holding it in place, yet again on par with our last visit.

The automatic writing was very interesting. Even though the lady holding the pen was in a trance, the pen managed to move along a particular pattern perfectly several times.

Automatic writing

Automatic writing- The subject drew over the “V” shape perfectly several times before going into the rest of the work. She was in a deep trance.

On examining the final product of the automatic writing several members of the group identified the number 8 and an arrow pointing in a particular direction. we discovered if we followed the arrow out of the room it pointed to room 108.

On comparing it to the two examples of automatic writing we did on the previous visit, we found that 8 appeared in both drawings.

Around Midnight we moved to the restaurant. There have been many reports of happenings in this room and I was particularly interested to see what we found. One of the stories we had heard was there was a ghost of a little girl, who the staff left the light on for. The story goes that anyone who switches the light off would hear her crying.

We switched the light off and sat in darkness, but no crying was heard on this occasion, although one of our participants did feel sad, and had an urge to cry.

The Ghost Box picked up on someone calling himself “Eric”, and he informed us he was protecting the little girl.

Eric also told us he was a rifleman in the RAF. there have been reports of a soldier appearing at the Hind, so this was particularly noteworthy.

All in all we had a much more active visit the second time around, and I was pleased in our findings. I was really interested to see particular phenomena that matched up to previous visits, there were reports of people getting very cold arms or legs, or suddenly getting pins and needles. often the phenomena would happen in the same part of the room as last time as well, and affect people sitting in the same spot.

I will be looking at going back to the hind at some point early next year, so watch this space!

Sent in by one of our sitters, Anita Weekly.
A figure can be seen hovering on the beam above the light switch.

The figure blown up can be seen in more detail. It’s features appear in one other picture taken in a different part of the room.

Arcane Encounters- An evening of supernatural entertainment- 3 Dates confirmed over Halloween

I am absolutely delighted to say I have 3 confirmed venues for my forthcoming paranormal show, Arcane Encounters.

26/10/12   Wood Green, the Animals Charity, King’s Bush Farm, London Road, Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, PE29 2NH

Tickets are available to buy online here at £15 each with £5 per sale being donated to the Wood Green Charity


27/10/12  The Nogg Inn, Wincanton, Somerset

Full details can be found on the Facebook group Here

2/11/12  Lucy’s Tea room 81 High street, Desborough, Northamptonshire

Full Details on the Facebook group Here

There are still a couple of free nights available on the Halloween week. If you run a public venue, or want a private party just get in touch with me to discuss your needs!

Email me on


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Halloween is coming!

I woke up today and noticed for the first time how dark the mornings are getting, a sure sign that we are leaving what little summer we had and are rapidly moving to the most supernatural time of the year!

I love this time of year. With it’s early nights and hazy mornings it is little wonder that our ancestors saw this season as a time when the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest.

This Halloween is shaping up to be one of my busiest yet, with two large commercial ghost hunts over the next few weeks, (Details here), And a number of public paranormal evenings that will be announced soon.

I wanted to share with you something I have been working on for public and private performances, that will be available for the spook season and beyond.



Arcane Encounters is not a magic show, nor is it a demonstration of clairvoyant ability. This is something else.

Although not as deep or intense as a ghost hunt it gives the onlooker a chance to experience the paranormal first hand.

Audience members will have the opportunity to hold and experience objects with a haunted past, make contact with the spirits that are around them and even see or feel a ghost themselves!

Arcane encounters is available now for both private parties and public events, and October dates are filling up fast!

Dare you approach the Dark with your eyes open?

Our next Ghost Hunt!

After the  popularity of the Haunting at the Hind last month I’m delighted to be doing another ghost hunt!

An Investigation into the Troubled Spirits of the “Slaughtered” Lamb

Friday September 28th 2012, 9pm-2am

Despite its sleepy setting in a tranquil village, the Lamb Inn has had a troubled past. Hidden deep within its past are tales of treachery, deception and violence.


More recently, furniture has moved on its own accord, unexplainable sounds have been heard at night and there has been a general feeling that the spirits are restless.


Using a unique combination of ancient and modern techniques, we will attempt to make contact with the ghosts, and finally put them to rest.


Join us in an overnight investigation into the troubled spirits of the “Slaughtered” Lamb!

Tickets are available now at this link, as are the full details, terms and conditions.

It is looking to be a great night!



Psychic development training now available!

Psychic development training now available!

Enhance your skills with training aimed at anyone who is wanting to unlock their true psychic potential, or anyone interested in expanding their ability and building their confidence.

Each session consists of one to one training for the individual, (And group work for group sessions) and includes;

  • Discovering your unique gift
  • Connecting to your subconscious mind
  • How to read for people, any time, any place, (Even when you don’t have your cards!)
  • Getting the Tarot to work for you, And reading symbols in other “psychic tools”

Each session is tailored to work with the individual, as everyone is different- you can chose to follow the psychic path that is best for you!

To book your first session or to find out more simply send an email to

Rob Lupine is a psychic entertainer with a lifetimes experience studying the paranormal, supernatural and the arcane.

He specialises in Dream analysis, Tarot, Palmistry and bones. He has worked for several psychic television shows on the sky platform as well as various psychic phone companies and psychic fairs. He has demonstrated his abilities the world over.

As everybody is unique, no guarantees can be offered and as such the training should be considered for entertainment purposes only.

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What is a Psychic Entertainer?

A Happy new year to everyone who follows me! I have been negligent in updating this blog recently, mainly due to the heavy workload I always take on at the end of the year, however one of my new years resolutions is to post more and write more!

One of the things I always seem to have difficulty with, especially when approaching prospective clients is defining what it is I do.

In the past I have been booked as a magician only to find that the people booking me have assumed “magician” means children’s entertainer! I have also used the title “Mentalist” to describe what I do, however popular culture has given that title a different meaning in recent years leading to people believing I’m crimally insane, (I might be, but that’s another story!)

I now use the term “Psychic Entertainer”, and that pretty much sums me up- I use my psychic abilities to entertain! However a lot of the time people just don’t understand, mainly because the title isn’t heavily used.

Many of you have seen my work on psychic TV shows like “Psychic and Soul” or “Psychic First”, but that is really representative of a small portion of what I do.

A psychic entertainer can do readings, and over the years I have worked on Phone lines, done email readings and had tables at psychic events.  But I have also done readings in corporate environments, private parties and weddings where the atmosphere is very different.

The people who come to these events do not go specifically for a tarot reading, in fact nothing could be further from their mind! However I always seem to have a long queue and frequently prove to be the most popular attraction even though the readings are just quick five minute general readings.

The people that come to me at these events would not normally consider booking a psychic reading, have various levels of healthy scepticism and are frequently amazed at what I can see in them!

I am also hired for Dinners, and Wedding receptions to mingle with the crowd and demonstrate my abilities on a one to one basis. I will ask someone to think of a word and associate it with a personal experience, then I will reveal what I am getting from them before invariably discovering the word. I will make short term predictions about the spectators choices and actions over a 5 minute period and I will show them how they can tap into their own psychic potential and develop these experiences for themselves.

In December I was invited to do a couple of stage presentations of these abilities and I must admit I was a little unsure how they would be received, as I’m used to working in an intimate environment and making the experience a personal journey for the individual concerned. However I found these shows proved successful and enjoyable to do as well!

A Psychic Entertainer is not just someone who does in-depth readings, Is not a Medium, (At least not in my case) or a mysterious stranger in a tent saying “Cross my palm with silver!”

A Psychic Entertainer is not a magician, but what they do is magical!

A Psychic Entertainer takes what they can do and makes it entertaining to watch, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere in an otherwise formal environment.

I am currently taking bookings for the spring, and will be happy to make your event both magical and entertaining!

All the best for 2012

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