The Hind Hotel, Welingborough 20/10/2012- Investigation report.

This was the second investigation into the Hind Hotel, You can read about the first one here, and this time there were certain things I was looking for to achieve validation for our findings. As it happened I was not disappointed!

Before I tell you our findings I need to stress that apart from myself & one other, nobody else had attended the previous investigation, nor had I told them of our findings from that occasion.

First of all the location proved a lot more active on this occasion, with the EMF meter spiking on the slightest movement someone made, something it failed to do last time even with people jumping up at it! Although we never got any movement when everyone was still it made me feel quietly confident for the night we had ahead of us.

After some initial invocations that produced very little of note, we moved on to a short pendulum session. I had the pendulum suspended in the glass from the beginning of the evening and there was a few points it would start swinging even though nobody was near it. When I asked the entity that was pushing it to make it go faster it stopped mid-swing as if somebody had grabbed it, something that happened last time we were at the hind.

The Ghost box once more proved to be the star of the show, and this time I asked control questions, That we all knew the answer to, to make sure the answers we were getting weren’t random, but clear responses. Simple questions like “How many fingers am I holding up?” Got immediate answers, most of the time correct! And even when they got the answer wrong and I asked them t try again they were insistent that they were right. (we got a determined, “I said- TWO” even though I was holding up four fingers!)

Questions like, “what am I holding in my hand” got less clear responses. It did correctly identify a ring, but wasn’t able to recognise a key for example.

Last time we were in the Cromwell suite we started conversing with an entity calling himself “Jim” on the ghost box.

The main characteristic about Jim was last time he wasn’t happy with us being there, and kept telling us to go. He also wouldn’t let us speak to anyone else, preferring all the attention on him!

Jim appeared again this time, and showed similar characteristics, although this time he seemed in a better mood and did humour us with a little light conversation!

One of the most frightening  points of the evening occurred when I switched on the Ghost box for the first time and got a very clear, yet inhuman , “Shut up!” emit from it. I asked the entity to repeat itself, and got the same phrase, in the same voice instantaneously. This did not sound like the usual contact the ghost box makes. Rather than being compiled of broadcast transmissions it sounded like it had been constructed from white noise, static and interference.  This was one of the strongest cases of E.V.P. I had heard to date, although once it had said it’s piece decided to amble off and make way for more polite beings!

The Ouija board produced no perceivable movement on this occasion. And like last time I asked the sitters to try physically pushing the planchette, and found they had difficulty doing so, as if something was holding it in place, yet again on par with our last visit.

The automatic writing was very interesting. Even though the lady holding the pen was in a trance, the pen managed to move along a particular pattern perfectly several times.

Automatic writing

Automatic writing- The subject drew over the “V” shape perfectly several times before going into the rest of the work. She was in a deep trance.

On examining the final product of the automatic writing several members of the group identified the number 8 and an arrow pointing in a particular direction. we discovered if we followed the arrow out of the room it pointed to room 108.

On comparing it to the two examples of automatic writing we did on the previous visit, we found that 8 appeared in both drawings.

Around Midnight we moved to the restaurant. There have been many reports of happenings in this room and I was particularly interested to see what we found. One of the stories we had heard was there was a ghost of a little girl, who the staff left the light on for. The story goes that anyone who switches the light off would hear her crying.

We switched the light off and sat in darkness, but no crying was heard on this occasion, although one of our participants did feel sad, and had an urge to cry.

The Ghost Box picked up on someone calling himself “Eric”, and he informed us he was protecting the little girl.

Eric also told us he was a rifleman in the RAF. there have been reports of a soldier appearing at the Hind, so this was particularly noteworthy.

All in all we had a much more active visit the second time around, and I was pleased in our findings. I was really interested to see particular phenomena that matched up to previous visits, there were reports of people getting very cold arms or legs, or suddenly getting pins and needles. often the phenomena would happen in the same part of the room as last time as well, and affect people sitting in the same spot.

I will be looking at going back to the hind at some point early next year, so watch this space!

Sent in by one of our sitters, Anita Weekly.
A figure can be seen hovering on the beam above the light switch.

The figure blown up can be seen in more detail. It’s features appear in one other picture taken in a different part of the room.


The Hind Ghost Hunt report

It was somewhat frustrating that in a summer that consisted of some of the worst weather imaginable I was going to be spending one of the hottest evenings of the year inside.

However the vigil kicked off at 9 pm in an attempt to make contact with any of the spirits that resided there.

When I first visited the Cromwell Suite a little over a month before I got the feeling that something didn’t want me there. The Trifield Natural EM meter I was using at the time showed 2.5 initially, but minutes later the needle moved to zero.  As the meter detects change in the electro-magnetic fields you would expect it to go down, however nothing we did could get the needle to move. Even moving around near it produced no result, (Normally it does) and we tested the battery- it was fine!

It was as if something was holding the needle and saying, “Move along, nothing to see here!”

That trend continued on Saturday.

It wasn’t that nothing happened, rather that  something was trying to prevent things from happening.

One of the first things we did was suspend a pendulum over a large wine glass and asked the spirits to move it, and make it swing from side to side while four or five participants concentrated their energies on it. There was a few times it would start swinging, but when it stopped it stopped suddenly, as if some invisible force was grabbing it and preventing it from moving. We did however manage to get a yes/no system going and the responses we got suggested to us that we were talking to a male spirit who had been with spirit for over 300 years.

This entity was quite mischievous in his answers, and I got the impression he was listening to ideas put forward by the participants and telling us what we wanted to hear rather than the facts.

Two “Orbs” appeared in a photograph taken during the pendulum session. An identical picture taken seconds earlier showed nothing. (Many thanks to Andrea Taylor for the Photograph)

However we pressed on to using a device called a ghost box, this little toy was easily the star of the night, and we had 3 sessions with it at different points throughout the vigil. An all 3 occasions the same information came through.

For those who don’t know, a ghost box is a digital radio that has been modified to constantly scan through the radio transmissions on the FM or AM band. You hear the whole thing including random words as it scans through various radio programmes. At three different points of the evening, and using both bands in alternating sessions we got the same information. We got the name “Jim” many times and “Jim” was imploring us to “Leave”, “Just Leave” and “Go, go, go”. The answers seemed very consistent with the questions, When asked how many spirits were in the room, “Jim” said, “11” although he was reluctant to share the limelight with them, He named “Mike” but when we asked to speak with him “Jim” declared, “He cannot”.  At a later ghost box session we heard a female voice come through, we asked her name and got “Sharon” but before we could ask any further questions “Jim” came back like a grumpy landlord at last orders, “Go,Go,Go!”

The ghost box technically shouldn’t have the capacity to stop scanning, however in my experience it does sometimes freeze on vigils. On the first ghost box session it stopped scanning almost immediately, following in the pattern of someone trying to hide evidence. On later sessions it stopped on demand, when I asked the spirits to make the radio freeze it did so almost immediately. We also noted it stopped on the frequency 1600 suggesting a civil war connection and tying in to being dead over 300 years. When the spirit was asked how long it had been here we got a clear scentence, “Since about 5.30” and as we were laughing at this it froze once more, this time on the frequency 530.

The Ouija board was not a great success on this occasion, with the planchette stubbornly refusing to move and at times it seemed to be stuck even when I asked the participants to try and push it! after nearly 45 minutes however we got a couple of random letters followed by a clear movement to goodbye. This happened several times.

The evening closed with a dark vigil. where we switched off the lights and invited the spirits to do their worst. Several people saw shadows moving around, there were reports of people feeling tickled and tapped, at one point the ambient light coming from street lights beyond the closed curtains seemed to dim to almost total blackness. This was experienced by almost everyone.

In the end I would call the evening a successful failure, something was certainly happening but it seemed to be wanting to hide all evidence of its existence from us.

The next Hind Ghost vigil will be happening in October, a little closer to Halloween, I will be interested to see if the spirits are keener to talk then!

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